Selecting the best Vacation Rental Management Company is an important decision. The right choice will maximize your return on investment, provide you with years of enjoyment, and give you peace of mind.

The Basics:

  • Marketing the property to potential guests
  • Spending a significant amount of our budget on SEO to drive traffic to our website. We want guests to book direct avoiding the extra fees they are charged on third-party sites
  • Integrating and distributing our inventory to the major listing sites
  • Processing reservations and owner reporting
  • Accepting reservation payments
  • Collecting lodging tax, filing tax reports
  • Paying credit card processing fees for all major credit cards
  • Maintaining accurate records for owner and guest accounts in compliance with Montana trust accounting rules
  • Sending owner statements and revenue monthly
  • Preparing 1099's and Profit & Loss statements promptly at year end
  • Handling routine maintenance like taking out trash, changing light bulbs and batteries, and checking fire extinguishers.
  • Informing owner of all maintenance required
  • In addition to regular maintenance, Vacation Rentals Montana can also arrange for all landscaping, snow removal, gardening, and winterization/summer preparation of you property
  • Arranging to have the property cleaned between stays. We have excellent cleaners and send the same person to your home each time.
  • Housekeeping will be paid by the guests. An owner will only see a cleaning charge if it is related to a spring clean, or owner stay.
  • Serving as a concierge for guests
  • Preparing arrival information and staying on call during the entire guest stay for any questions or concerns
The Extras -We provide a high touch personalized experience with a small selection of properties.

Revenue Management -  Your home isn't on autopilot. We are watching the demand, measuring lead time etc. to maximize rental income. We do an extensive rate and performance review quarterly.

Listing Optimization – This is two part. First, we are available to help with any upgrades needed in the home and will provide suggestions to maximize the desirability of your home for a rental guest. From upgrading light fixtures, to bedding and towels we are happy to assist. Secondly, as your home changes over time, we'll refresh our details and description. We'll also rotate photos seasonally if appropriate.

Work Order System – We've invested in great technology to organize and coordinate housekeeping and preventative maintenance visits to ensure nothing ever falls through the cracks.

Owner Dashboard – You'll have access to everything that's going on with your home-- from how it's performing financially to tracking our visits to the home to see our high level of care. It's available online, anytime.

Home Binders – We want to make sure guests know how to use and care for all of your homes unique amenities. We also want to make sure they are well educated about all things Montana.